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to bring mindfulness and conflict resolution into the classroom

Benefits of our training programs

Designed by an educator for educators, Mindful Leaders provides everything you need to integrate mindfulness practices and conflict resolution strategies in your school.

With a focus on building the capacity to respond vs. react, Mindful Leaders courses support you in building student self-awareness (through the ability to identify Mind), self-acceptance (through a dedicated mindfulness practic)e, and leadership (through an apprenticeship model base on leadership principles.)
Our courses center on well-being and are guided by the mantra, "To transform the world, transform yourself." And are rooted in the principles of 'Each One, Teach One', "Ubuntu', and "The Seven Generations Principle."

All of our courses take the best of social-emotional learning, restorative justice, as well as trauma-informed learning and merge it with transformative mind-body practices like mindfulness, mindful breathing, and movement to create robust opportunities for student growth in the following areas:


Self-awareness fosters social awareness which strengthens empathy.


The capacity to respond vs. react is a key ingredient in relationship building and key to establishing trust & accountability.


Leadership grown from interdependence requires self-compassion which fosters self-acceptance and powerful decision-making.

Our courses

Meet Your Instructor

Malene Kai Bell, M.A., M.Msc. is the Founder of S.A.G.E. Wellness, an educational consulting company that builds teacher capacity through mindfulness &well-being. As a school climate and culture expert with over 20+ years in the field, Malene leverages this skillset in her consultant work with institutions, schools, and organizations. Her mantra is ‘To transform the world, transform yourself.’

Malene began incorporating mindfulness practices into her work with schools in 2016. She has designed and led meditation and mindfulness workshops for young people at the Baltimore Youth Initiative High School, and educators at The Patterson Park Public Charter, Violetville Elementary-Middle School, and A.C.E. High School in Camarillo, CA. She has trained social workers from the Baltimore City Department of Juvenile Services and nonprofit organizations such as The Teacher’s Democracy Project. Additionally, she has worked with various Teach for America new teacher cohorts.

A published writer, Malene holds and M.A. in Writing from Johns Hopkins University and earned an M. Msc. in Holistic Coaching from the University of Sedona.


What our learners say

"Mindful Leaders is the answer to the question, "What next?". It is engaging, empowering, and absolutely necessary in every adolescent classroom."

Samiha, International Educator & Author of 'Hair'

"This is beyond needed. I love the concept and the visuals and how straightforward you made the daily lessons."

Vanessa, Faculty, Maryland Institute of Art
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